Ten Green Bottles available in Chinese.

Vivian Kaplan’s beloved book Ten Green Bottles, about the experiences of her family as Jewish refugees in Shanghai during World War II, has now been published in China. The Chinese edition is available as a printed book and an ebook on and other Chinese websites. The Amazon links are as follows: Printed bookEbook (Kindle)
In Review… Donald E. Graves's Forgotten Soldiers trilogy
Field of Glory
Where Right and Glory Lead!
And All Their Glory Past

Reviewed by William S. Dudley in The Journal of Military History, April 2014.

“Several appealing characteristics of Graves’s style are his mordant sense of humor, his appreciation of soldiers’ anecdotes, and the inclusion of one or two stanzas of soldiers’ songs, ‘the poetry of the lower ranks,’ that introduce most chapters. Each book contains valuable appendices, clear maps, good illustrations, and explanatory citations which enhance the text. Taken together, these volumes make an essential and important contribution to the history of the war, written by a master of the genre. This trilogy is highly recommended reading for U.S. students and scholars who have not taken the time or made the effort to comprehend the War of 1812 in the Canada-U.S. borderlands.

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In Review…
And All Their Glory Past by Donald E. Graves.
Reviewed by Robert L. Fraser in The Fife and Drum, the newsletter of the Friends of Fort York.

“Graves’s work is notable for the breadth and depth of his research, a wide-ranging perspective that includes all combatants, an intrinsic fairness in evaluating the participants and the problems they encountered, an ability to balance strategic concerns with tactical imperatives, a commitment to the soldier’s view whether private or general, and an appreciation for ground, logistics, administration, weather, communication, politics, and the weapons and technology of warfare. This accomplishment is no mean feat…

… Graves has produced yet another fine study of 1812. This war and those who fought in it were once almost forgotten. That observation is no longer true and much of the credit goes to Donald Graves.”

For the full review click here to go to Fife and Drum, December 2013
On stage, In the Midst of Alarms: The Untold Story of Women and the War of 1812.

Dianne Graves's book In the Midst of Alarms: The Untold Story of Women and the War of 1812 was adapted for the stage at University of Toronto Mississauga in November 2012.

The third-year class of student actors in the joint Sheridan-UTM Theatre and Drama Studies Program developed a collective stage adaptation based on Dianne Graves's book. Under professional direction, the class of over 20 young men and women created an original 2-hour drama by adapting selected stories and documents from the text into monologues, scenes and narrations, accompanied by projected graphics.

The photo shows Dianne Graves with the cast.
(Photo courtesy of Theatre Erindale)