James E. Elliott. Strange Fatality: The Battle of Stoney Creek, 1813. American forces seem set to capture Upper Canada, only to be turned back in a confusing nighttime bayonet fight.

Dianne Graves. In the Midst of Alarms: The Untold Story of Women and the War of 1812. Stories never before told of women’s experiences, ordeals and adventures as participants both unwilling and willing.

Donald E. Graves. And All Their Glory Past: Fort Erie, Plattsburgh and the Final Battles in the North, 1814. The final battles, with a much-improved American army, which had a direct bearing on the final outcome of the war.

Donald E. Graves. Field of Glory: The Battle of Crysler’s Farm, 1813. The largest army yet assembled by the United States sets out to capture Montreal and meets defeat on the banks of the St. Lawrence River.

Donald E. Graves. Fix Bayonets! A Royal Welch Fusilier at War, 1796-1815. The remarkable career of Thomas Pearson in the Napoleonic Wars and the War of 1812, including Crysler’s Farm, Chippawa, Lundy’s Lane and Fort Erie.

Donald E. Graves. Where Right and Glory Lead! The Battle of Lundy’s Lane, 1814. The battle that raged within sight of Niagara Falls was the bloodiest fought on Canadian soil and remains controversial to this day – who won?

Donald E. Graves (ed.). Merry Hearts Make Light Days: The War of 1812 Journal of Lieutenant John Le Couteur, 104th Foot. This journal of a young British officer is one of the most useful and enjoyable from the War of 1812.

Donald R. Hickey. Don’t Give Up the Ship! Myths of the War of 1812. America’s leading expert separates fact from fiction and examines the many myths that surround the war. An entertaining and provocative study.

J.M. Hitsman. The Incredible War of 1812: A Military History. Regarded as the best one-volume history of the war. The engrossing story of the battles that raged on land and water from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico.

Robert Malcomson. Capital in Flames: The American Attack on York, 1813. The most traumatic day in the life of York (today’s Toronto) as an American force lands, the British withdraw and roving gangs burn public buildings.

Robert Malcomson. Lords of the Lake: The Naval War on Lake Ontario, 1812-1814. Prize-winning account of the critical struggle for control of the lake. Both sides race to construct freshwater navies on the frontier.

Robert Malcomson. A Very Brilliant Affair: The Battle of Queenston Heights, 1812. The first full-length study of the famous battle in which General Isaac Brock, the “saviour of Upper Canada,” was killed.

Douglas McLean (ed). Fighting at Sea: Naval Battles from the Ages of Sail and Steam. Six naval historians examine operations in detail, including USS Constitution’s last battle and the taking of USS President by HMS Endymion.

Robin Reilly. The British at the Gates: The New Orleans Campaign in the War of 1812. Britain’s 1814 campaign, from the burning of Washington to their check at Baltimore to their defeat by Andrew Jackson at New Orleans.

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Jonathon Riley. A Matter of Honour: The Life, Campaigns and Generalship of Isaac Brock. The life and career of the famous general, culminating in his victory at Detroit and the Battle of Queenston Heights in which he died.